Mundi Hilltop Temple

Mundi Hill Top is the highest place in Nusa Penida Island. Its height is 500MASL and surrounded by forest.

This place is often surrounded by a thick fog that makes the air a little cold. It is located in Banjar Tulad, Klumpu village. It takes 40 minutes from Sampalan harbour by using any kinds of vehicle. Since most of the trip is almost full of hill climbing, a good condition vehicle is necessary.

There are two important temples in Mundi hilltop, they are, Puncak Mundi temple and Krangkeng Kertanadi.

  1. Krangkeng Kertanadi temple: The special thing about this place is that Hindus can ask the Pemangku about their ancestor who has passed away.
  2. Puncak Mundi Temple: Puncak Mundi temple is also known as Penataran Agung that has 3 parts, called Jaba sisi, Jaba Tengah, and Jeroan. The first part is called as Jaba sisi. It means the outermost point of the temple. The second one is Jaba Tengah. It means the middle point of the temple. The last is Jeroan. Jeroan means the main part of a temple, place for praying. This temple differs from other temple where Jaba tengah or the middle point of the temple is wider than the main part of the temple or Jeroan.

Gallery of Puncak Mundi Temple in Nusa Penida

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