Giri Putri Cave Temple

Goa Giri Putri Temple is located in Banjar Karangsari, Sauna village. It is about 5 km from Sampalan harbour.

It can be reached easily by all types of vehicle. Started from climb up 100 staircase before arrive at the first temple. It is followed by entering a small cave with a diameter of 80 cm which is located among limestone curvatures. When arriving at the cave, we have to crawl about 5 meters until you find the main cave that can accommodate more than 500 people.

There are 6 temples in the main cave which have different function on each temple. At the exit of the cave there is a temple with a statue of Dewi Kwam Im with typical ornament Pagoda, decorated by many lanterns on the ceiling of the cave.

Giri Putri Cave Temple of Pura Goa Giri PutriThe first step that visitors need to do in order to do the worship at Goa Giri Putri is by climbing 110 staircases to reach the first place of worship that is called as Pelinggih Ida Hyang Tri Purusa Lan Ganapati. This is the only one access to enter Goa Giri Putri.

The diameter of the mouth of the cave is 80 cm. If we have over-sized body, we have to be really careful to get into the cave because the size of the case that is not too big. However, different case will happen if we have a strong willing to pray. The main cave is a huge cave that can accommodate 500 people.

Stages of praying in Khayangan Jagat Pura Goa Giri Putri are as follows:

  1. 1. Holy place for Ida Hyang Tri Purusan and Ganapati
  2. 2. Holy place for Ida Hyang Wisnu and Wasuki
  3. 3. Holy place for Ida Hyang Dewi Gangga (place for cleaning ourselves spiritually)
  4. 4. Holy place for Ida Hyang Giri Pati
  5. 5. Holy place for Ida Hyang Giri Putri
  6. 6. Holy place for Ida Hyang Siwa Amerta, Rambut Sedana, Ratu Mas Manik Melanting, Ratu Syah bandar, Dewi Kwan Im, Dewa Langit and Dewa Bumi.

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