Guyangan Spring Water

Guyangan Spring water drains water to eight villages in Nusa Penida Island, they are, Kutampi Village, Batu Kandik village, Sekar Taji village, Batu Madeg village, Tanglad village, Pejukutan village, Klumpu, and Bunga Mekar village.

It only takes approximately 1 hour travel by motorcycle from Sampalan harbour. To reach this place, we must climb down 800 staircase made of iron pipes and wood, and takes 40 minutes to get there. The visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and steep cliffs. Guyangan spring water comes from large hillside.

Apart from being used as a drinking water supply, most of the water is wasted into the sea that forms an exotic natural waterfall. Travellers can take a shower from the fountain springs while enjoying the beauty of the sea south of Nusa Penida Island. The eastern side of Guyangan spring water, there is a small temple called Segara Kidul temple, in which the function of the temple is to worship Dewi Ratu Kidul.

Gallery of Guyangan Spring Water in Nusa Penida

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