Angel Billabong beach

An exotic beach that is on the island of Nusa Penida, which is the end of a river and empties into a rocky beach.

Angel's Billabong beach is located adjacent to the Uug beach or Broken beach, that is 500 meters away on the right side of the Uug beach.

spectacular Angel's Billabong beach in Nusa PenidaThis place is the end of a river that empties into the rocky coast before reaching the high seas. Angel's Billabong beach is the angel of Nusa Penida Island, The word “Billabong” taken from English means "the dead-end of the river".

In addition, there are also overdrafts that form exotic and lovely natural pool that may not necessarily be found elsewhere.

With artistic characteristic, rocky reefs and stunning colour degradation seemed to add to the exoticism of Angel's Billabong beach. Visitors can swim and relax but it is not recommended when the tide come. It is to avoid swept away by the waves.

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